350 sq. ft. House – Plan Set

The Plan Set for the 350 sq. ft. Usonian inspired house is finished, and available for you to download. The project page is here. Included are elevations, roof plan, floor plan, and alternative floor plan. The plan set is simple but should give you all of the information that you would need. It was produced [...]

350 sq. ft. House – Update

I have finally had time to finish the 350 sq. ft. Usonian inspired house. I will be posting the plans later in the week. Here are a couple images of the finished design.

Interior Perspectives – 350 sq. ft. Usonian house plan

Interior perspectives for the 350 sq. ft. tiny house.

Usonian Floor Plan Options + Two perspectives

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. Below are floor plan options and changes, plus two perspectives after the jump. Here is an overview of optional changes to the original floor plan. 1. Closet This is for those who need a closet for winter clothing. It shortens the couch and will make [...]

Small House Floor Plan – 350 sq. ft.

One of my favorite lines of house design are the Usonian houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. These were smaller houses designed for the middle class. Using the ideas of the basic Usonian L-shaped plan, I have designed a 350 sq. ft. tiny house plan.