$300 House Workshop

This post is a little late but I wanted to share the outcome of the $300 House workshop. With over 40 people from around the world gathered at Dartmouth the workshop started with a truly inspiring speech by Dr. Jim Kim(see below). I had the pleasure of working in the rural house group with: Susannah Drake (DLandStudio), Eric [...]

$300 House – Earthbag walls

This design variation utilizes an earthbag thermal mass wall instead of the compressed earth block wall. This option is good for building when an earth block press is not available. Since these walls are much thicker I was able to bow them outward six inches. This adds to the stability of the walls and also has a comforting spacial [...]

$300 House – Roof Redesign Option

I have come up with a new idea for the roof. Instead of having the taller wall that faces the street completely operable(there were concerns about security) I have added a brace that transforms the interior roof into a gable. The lower half of this section is non operable, the shutters are now the short side of the inner gable roof. The advantages of [...]

$300 House Articles and Critiques

General: Introductory articles for the challenge at 300house.com Can a $300 house save 2 Billion People Living in Poverty? Google Sketchup Blog post on $300 House Govindarajan launches $300 House Challenge Build a $300 House What if You Could Build a House for $300? Interview with Christian Sarkar in the Guardian The $300 House: safe [...]

$300 House Challenge – Jury Winner

My submission to the $300 House Challenge was one of the three winners selected by the Jury. I also placed 10th in the online popular voting. Thanks to everyone who voted for my project.   – Link to announcement –   I will be sure to keep posting updates on my progress, including my participation in the upcoming prototyping workshop.

Hybrid House – $300 House Challenge

My submission to the $300 House Challenge. My entry link, Contest website link. If you would like to vote for my or any other proposal, you will need to register and rate at least 25 entries before any of your ratings will count. If you do vote please be courteous and respectful of the other entries.