Rendering – Post Processing Breakdown

Quick post process break down of the main image for the Shell House.


Original rendering  from V-Ray for Rhino.

The first series of steps was to adjust the image levels, add a blur layer to soften the image, and add in shadows.


Adding in the plants helps define the character of the design.


The basic house is done at this point so I needed to create a setting for the house. I started with finding appropriate mountains.


Next step was to add a concrete ground plane and blend it into the background.


The sky was somewhat dead so another layer of clouds was added to liven up the sky.


Placing the main image into the background, also a lens flare was added.


Next step was to add in people and their shadows. I prefer to soften the people so they blend into the scene, and don’t become the focal point of the image.


The next step was to add some depth to the image. This was accomplished by painting a soft white in the areas farthest away from the camera. You can think of this step as adding in fog.


This step was to adjust colors, I added a warm color layer to the ground and people.


The last step was to add a slight vignette to frame the image.

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