350 sq. ft. House – Plan Set

The Plan Set for the 350 sq. ft. Usonian inspired house is finished, and available for you to download. The project page is here. Included are elevations, roof plan, floor plan, and alternative floor plan.

The plan set is simple but should give you all of the information that you would need. It was produced using SketchUp. Next time I will move over to Revit as to produce a more complete plan set.

A small house inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian houses. The basic L shaped house makes the best of its small space. The layout is open while still providing plenty of space for the kitchen, full bathroom, closet, and desk.

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24 Responses to “350 sq. ft. House – Plan Set”

  1. Thanks for the download. Great plans!

  2. hi! Thanks for the plans. This looks really interesting.

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  4. This looks amazing — many thanks for sharing!!

  5. This is an astounding little house. Everything so compact, yet realistic use of space. I love it. Alas, won’t fit our family of 6.

  6. [...] The plans are free to download, just visit Joseph Sandy’s blog to get your Usonian Inspired House Plans. [...]

  7. Ballpark figure on costs of building using these plans? Excellent job!

  8. Where is the solar component? Or is there one?

    Stephen Gatlin Ph.D.

  9. This house is very functional without being boring

  10. From, Argentina.
    Your design is excellent.
    Beautiful space, and distributed well.

  11. Wonderful design! One of the few I have seen in “small house” plans that I think a person would not feel claustrophobic.I could live in one with no problem. Functional, cozy, light and airy feel to it. Congrats!

  12. Thanks everyone!
    @ Mike, The cost all depends on what finishes and appliances you use, whether you build it yourself or hire a contractor, local permit costs, etc. I would put the price between $50-150 per sq. ft.
    @Stephen Gatlin Ph.D., There is no solar component. Solar panels could easily be mounted on the roof. And depending on your location, you can change the roof overhangs to allow in the winter sun.
    @Barb, If you ever plan on building a house please contact me I have a lot of ideas on how to design small houses for big families.

  13. I am intrigued by your comment to Barb about big families. I hope you do a post in the future about this issue. I have a blended family of 5 kids and two adults. I’ve been looking at a lot of plans and it appears the biggest challenge for us is storage. Food storage and food prep for storage (canning etc), clothes, homeschooling materials, etc. Sustainable living requires quite a bit of space for long term usage. I suspect that we could get by with very little living space as long as we had ample storage.

  14. @Nikki – There may not be many stock plans that would fit your needs. Storage is often lacking in houses built these days, and you need more than most. For a big family in a small house, I would approach the design by destroying the normal house planning and create 3 zones:
    1. Family Den – this would have all the sleeping arrangements planned around a central play living area.
    2. Living Space – which would contain kitchen, dining and general family room.
    3. Study Area – which would contain room for homeschooling, computers and library.
    Lastly, a small separate building that could be a retreat from the main house, guest bed room, study (this could be built at a later time, or before the main house).

  15. Great job! I have been a Wright fan for years, and this the best adaption of his work/principles put in to practice that I have seen todate.

    I like it so much that I am considering building one here in New England. What would a set of construction documents cost? Have you developed a set of drawings of the plan with a gable roof?

  16. Fantastic job! It is very refreshing to see a modern properly proportioned approach a small house that goes beyond a stretched rectangle. I am wondering about lowering the elevation of the window over the desk and possibly the bathroom sink ? Is the closet shown in the bathroom a utility closet to be accessed from the outside? Will you be offering a set of construction drawings?

  17. @ Jeff – I did not do a simple set of plans for the gable. A gable roof design would be easy to provide. I will send you an email about a set of construction documents.

    @ Joe – The windows could be lowered. They are placed close to the ceiling to provide more useful interior light. Basically, the higher up the glazing is, the more efficient it is in illuminating the space. Yes, that is a utility closet; I am leaving it up to the builder which side would work better for their location.

    I will provide construction drawings but would like to customize them to the users need. If interested, please send me an email and we can discuss cost and options.

  18. So cool! Has anyone built this yet?

  19. Plans have only been out two weeks, so no one has built one yet. I will be sure to post pictures if someone does build this design.

  20. Nice design job.

    But to be really Usonian…panelized pre-insalled construction???

    Foundation options….post-frame…slab-on-grade…joist over crawl space…
    All dependant on local building code and geography.


  21. @Tim – Yes its not fully Usonian, just inspired by the L shaped Usonian plan. There would have to be changes made to make it true to all of the Usonain principles. The reason I didn’t do that is I wanted it to be simple and easy to build using standard construction methods. If needed I can make changes to satisfy all of the Usonian principles.

  22. [...] site. Some of his work is made from reclaimed wood and he’s got a downloadable layout of a Usonian house. Plus a cool link to: [...]

  23. Would be nice if there were a way to pre qualify these designs for actual construction through HUD or the like so local governments can’t refuse permits or require full size lots.

    Personally I don’t see the value in small for small’s sake, for example the step design when a box would provide additional floor space. I always like to see a loft of some sort to take advantage of height, maybe even a attic for storage. I also like to see full size appliances, stacked washer and dryer so the owner doesn’t have to shop daily or use a laundrymat.

    There are some nice manufactured homes in small sizes around 500 square feet, but most cities will only allow them in mobile home parks.

  24. I would like to thank you sir, for sharing. I have always had a dream of making and living in a little house.It just might happen!Aloha

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