Small House Floor Plan – 350 sq. ft.

One of my favorite lines of house design are the Usonian houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. These were smaller houses designed for the middle class. Using the ideas of the basic Usonian L-shaped plan, I have designed a 350 sq. ft. tiny house plan.

At just under 350 sq. ft. this design is compact, yet still provides all of the necessary spaces. The kitchen is not small for a 350 sq. ft. house, and the table can easily be used for extra space when cooking. The half-booth dining table provides space for up to seven people. A queen size bed fits in the sleeping nook. There is a 25 sq. ft. closet for clothing and storage needs. The 5 ft. desk is a good place for studying and computer use. The living area has an L shaped couch that provides plenty of comfortable seating.



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5 Responses to “Small House Floor Plan – 350 sq. ft.”

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  3. Absolutely fascinated by this design!

    Can’t wait to see elevations on this (I hope you’re doing some)… This just captured my imagination.

  4. This demonstrates why FLW is still ‘current’ even by today’s standards.

  5. Do you have a 3D picture of your Small House Plan? 350 sq ft.
    I am teaching Sketchup to middle school (8th graders) and want to create a lesson designing a very small footprint house. Yours really fits the bill.

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