Tiny House Design – 120 sq. ft.

I wanted to share a 120 sq. ft. tiny house design I did a few years back.

I centered the design around a 6′ sliding glass door. This was to be the entrance and the main focus of the plan. I also was striving for a design that felt spacious, so all of the elements surround an open space. A pull out couch to the left, kitchen and desk to right, and a 3′ deep bathroom and storage at the rear. The sleeping loft is cantilevered off the back so It could fit a queen size bed.

The use of two opposing shed roofs was for several reasons. The main roof was designed to focus the view out the main opening and to allow the sun in assuming this was facing south. The roof over the loft, was faced away so it would be a perfect place to mount solar panels. The roofs also feed a rainwater barrel. This is also the main problem if the house were to be built. There would need to be extensive flashing, and the window to the loft would most likely have to be eliminated.



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3 Responses to “Tiny House Design – 120 sq. ft.”

  1. I really like the opposing roof lines and how that might help push the rain water around and direct it to a cistern. Nice use of interior space too and the cantilevered loft space.

    Have you thought about getting into the tiny house plan business? Might be a nice way to generate a little side income and keep the creative juices flowing. Your simple modern designs would most likely be a hit too.

  2. [...] Tiny House Design – 120 sq. ft. [...]

  3. Did you happen to create this using Google Sketch? If so, could you post the file? I would really like to play with this design, it looks really cool. Thanks!

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